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The Dodge diesel lineup had a major shakeup in 2019 essentially getting re-worked from the ground up.  Ram did a refresh on its 6.7-liter Cummins turbo-diesel power and its all-new body style and chassis.

Here are a few highlights for the 2019 Dodge Ram:

  • Max Tow package will pull 35,100 pounds
  • All new frame made with high-strength steel
  • Upgrades made to the HVAC system that moves a higher volume of air while simultaneously reducing noise
  • The new engine is reported to be 60 pounds lighter than previous models
  • The braking system has been upgraded

Keeping with the other upgrades on the 2019 Dodge Ram, they have also rolled out 6 different trim options that are available on this truck.  Also worth mentioning, the 2019 Dodge Ram is the first in its class to reach the 1000-lb-ft mark.  As always, the 2019 Dodge Ram has a 5-year Diesel Powertrain Limited Warranty.

You can read all the details about the new 2019 Dodge Ram by clicking here.

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