Aftermarket 1998 Ford Powestroke 7.3L Turbocharger

You can purchase your 7.3L Turbocharger here at Taylor Diesel since we have the aftermarket for 1998 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L Turbocharger available and in stock.  The performance of our turbo will deliver more boosts, lower your EGT’s, get better throttle response, and increase the fuel economy.  We even have replacement 1998 Ford Powerstroke Turbocharger that carries a quality factor that gives your automobile a huge boost.

Here at Taylor Diesel, we have remanufactured 1998 Powerstroke Turbochargers available that comes in good shape with excellent service and enhancements. Taylor Diesel Group is a great choice that manufactures the stock turbochargers that are included from the factory in Ford itself.

Aside from the fact that our products are calibrated with OEM standard, the remanufactured 1998 Ford 7.3L Turbocharger will provide you the durability that lasts long enough that would definitely save you money in the long run.

98-99.5 FORD 7.3L POWERSTROKE TURBO$895.00

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In 1998, there were few remarkable changes made most especially to the 7.3L Powerstroke to be specific. To cool the charged air from the turbocharger, an intercooler was added to it.

The equalization of decreased density of air at the inlet of the compressor occurs is the reason for no power loss. Ford Powerstroke Diesel Turbochargers are intended for:

  • High – altitude performance with low power loss
  • Improved performance

This is because of the variance in pressure amid the lower outlet pressure ambient and the turbine’s constant upstream force.

Ford Powerstroke diesel turbochargers are intended to enhance fuel combustion competence and power of the Powerstroke diesel engine. Shafts are used to join turbines and compressors to each other. The air is forced into the diesel engine’s chamber, this for fuel to burn competently. Because of this, there is a decrease in emissions that go through the exhaust systems that is released in the environment.

A performance tuner can give you some serious HP gains and it also helps to upturn your oil mileage. Factory and high – performance turbochargers are also available here at Taylor Diesel. We have everything from high pressure fuel pumps, glow plugs and even filter to keep your Power Stroke on the road.

Types of turbines:

  • Axial ensures the axial fluid flow
  • Radial flow – designed to stimulate the centripetal gas flow

Maintenance Of Turbochargers

Because of the massive amount of horsepower that is produced by a turbocharger and the extreme heat on which it operates on, it is easy to conclude that this piece of vehicle does require extra care and maintenance for it to be durable enough.

One of the most important maintenance tasks is to regularly replace the oil filter. Both the good functioning of your fuel filter and the quality of your engine oil are very important for the good functioning of your turbocharger. When changing the filter, give it some extra attention to keep any possible debris from entering the engine by accident.

Another important thing to consider for your turbocharger maintenance is the replacement of your air filter. The most common issue with turbochargers for the past years comes from the absorption of small particles that get there because of a busted air filter. To remove and replace an air filter is easy to hear but if you are not that familiar, it is always best to consult with the mechanic most especially that the cause of turbocharger problem is only outdone by oil issues.

We have a distinct product because we’re a master distributor for the following major manufacturers:

  • Holset
  • Garrett
  • Borg Warner

Taylor Diesel is always here and we will always get you what you need. We got you covered. We have various locations across different states which is convenient for clients that are located far from our main office. You can also check on us online for the specifics about where to buy 1998 Ford Powerstroke Diesel Turbocharger. Rest assured, this comes with an excellent performance.

Taylor Diesel Group has been in service for quite some time. Our products and services were truly proven and tested because we never stop until we have the right troubleshooting method for whatever problems you have with your automobiles. Aside from working with famous and major manufacturers as bulleted above, we have been certified as well for training on turbochargers.

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