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Surefire 60+ High Performance Fuel Injector Set for 2007 – 2012 Dodge Ram 6.7L diesel. Provides additional 120 horsepower. Set of 6$2,010.00
Diesel Truck:  Dodge Ram Engine Size:  6.7L Cummins Fits Years:  2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, ...
Surefire 30+ High Performance Fuel Injector Set for 2007 – 2012 Dodge Ram 6.7L diesel. Provides additional 60 horsepower. Set of 6$1,800.00
Diesel Truck:  Dodge Ram Engine Size:  6.7L Cummins Fits Years:  2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, ...
Surefire Stock Fuel Injector Set for 2007 – 2012 Dodge Ram 6.7L diesel, Set of 6$1,680.00
Diesel Truck:  Dodge Ram Engine Size:  6.7L Cummins Fits Years:  2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, ...
Surefire Stock Fuel Injector for 2007 – 2012 Dodge Ram 6.7L diesel$290.00
Diesel Truck:  Dodge Ram Engine Size:  6.7L Cummins Fits Years:  2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, ...

Do you need Aftermarket Common Rail fuel injectors for your 2007 6.7L Cummins?

The way to detect if your injectors are failing?

First, does your diesel engine exhibit any of these indicators? If that’s the case, you may have a fuel injector problem.

  • Light colored exhaust emanating from the exhaust. If you have got one or more diesel injectors sticking shut, then your truck’s engine will not receive sufficient fuel. This lack of diesel will cause the truck’s engine to starve for fuel and will be responsible for white smoke coming from the muffler.
  • Dark exhaust smoke being emitted from the exhaust pipe. Dark black smoke indicates that one or more injectors are sticking open, moving too much fuel onto the cylinder.
  • Truck running poorly or not running at all. Bad injectors can cause the engine to not run or can cause engine damage.
    Damage to the diesel engine could include damaged pistons, damaged cylinder walls, or might even result in the engine to burn up.

Why do diesel fuel injectors should be repaired?

Every once in awhile injectors stop working properly, most often because of bad diesel . When this happens, your vehicle might suffer from a power shortage, excessive white or black exhaust coming out of the exhaust, and sometimes the truck or car will not run at all. Failure to repair bad fuel injectors can easily result in extensive engine damage, so it’s necessary to repair faulty injectors promptly.

The following are usual causes for diesel injectors to fail:

  • Impurities and/or bad fuel – Bad fuel injectors are most often caused by contaminated fuel (contaminants in the diesel,) which can clog the diesel fuel injectors, causing them to stick open or shut.
  • Water in fuel. Diesel fuel and other liquids like water just don’t work well together. If a contaminant like water gets in the vehicle’s fuel, it can cause the tip of the fuel injector to blow off, which could cause considerable damage to the vehicle’s diesel engine.

When you are having diesel fuel injector problems, Taylor Diesel is ready to help. From full service repair to checking, repairing, and restoring your existing injectors, Taylor Diesel offers the fuel injection products that you need to get your truck back driving in a hurry.

If your diesel vehicle is showing the listed problems, you might have faulty diesel fuel injectors. Depending on your skill level, you may want to switch out the injectors yourself or carry the vehicle to a mechanic, like one of our Taylor Diesel Full-Service diesel repair shops, for expert help.

After your fuel injectors are pulled-out, you may want to ship the injectors to Taylor Diesel, and we can thoroughly test them for you. If they’re good, we will package them back up and ship the injectors back to you. If the injectors are faulty, we will call or email you to discuss and we will apply the costs of the testing to the total price of the rebuilt diesel injectors. Call us to discover more related to this fuel injector examination service.

At Taylor Diesel, we assist a vast selection of clients, varying from individual vehicle owners that seek new fuel injectors for their own trucks through diesel parts stores and diesel garages looking to purchase diesel fuel injectors in wholesale to resell to their customers.

Do you require stock diesel fuel injectors or performance injectors?

If you’re deciding on new diesel injectors for your 2007 6.7L Cummins you are going to need to make a decision concerning “{stock} injectors” and “high performance” diesel injectors. Overall the difference varies by what you are trying to achieve.

Stock Fuel Injectors – Precisely like the name claims, our stock diesel injectors provide the precise performance as the parts which came in your engine when it was new. They are built to OEM standards and they are validated using the same OEM test benches as the premium priced, major brand diesel injectors. Our stock fuel injectors come with a 2 year Peace of Mind Warranty.

If you’re seeking to increase the capabilities of your 2007 6.7L Cummins diesel engine, then you certainly need to have a look at upgrading to the Surefire High Performance fuel injectors. The high performance diesel injectors include a 1 year warranty and they are available in two styles:

  • 30+ Performance Injectors – The 30+ signifies the rate of additional diesel that the diesel fuel injectors delivers to the engine – an additional 30%. This additional diesel results in at least 60 additional horsepower at the rear-wheel without the need for any other modifications.
  • 60+ Performance Injectors – The 60+ shows that this diesel injector offers 60% more fuel to the engine. This produces at least 120 additional rear-wheel horsepower without the need for any other modifications.

An added justification for selecting high performance diesel injectors is to INCREASE your engine’s fuel economy. While it might appear counterintuitive that you would get improved fuel mileage from fuel injectors which inject 30% – 60% additional fuel to the diesel engine, we’ve found that injecting more fuel at the proper RPMs and proper times ultimately aids your truck’s engine to perform better and more efficiently. If the vehicle’s engine runs with ease, it will not have to work as hard, causing your engine’s diesel consumption to decrease. These performance diesel injectors are known to elevate fuel economy by up to five percent, along with delivering a tremendous growth in overall performance!

Whether you are seeking replacement injectors that will supply oem general performance, or you are shopping for quality high-performance diesel injectors which will offer you far more trailer towing ability and race-winning potential at the track, Taylor Diesel has the precise injector solutions that you have to have.

Whether you should get Stock Fuel Injectors or High Performance Fuel Injectors just depends on what you’re seeking to try and do. Decide on whether you are seeking stock performance from the truck’s engine or if you are wanting a lift in power. Once you’ve decided that, you should recognize which diesel fuel injectors you need to opt for.

Why Select Taylor Diesel

We are a family business and we have specialized in diesel fuel injection since 1945.

All of our Surefire diesel injectors are built on-site inside our Jackson, TN store. We work with only the highest quality diesel injector tips, produced from the factory as a performance tip not extrude honed tips that one might see from some of our competitors. We test every injector to confirm the item complies with our rigorous standards of quality and the outcome is a diesel fuel injector that you can count on – both in terms of overall performance and durability.

You can purchase from Taylor Diesel with confidence. We warranty every component that we make or sell, and these Surefire Diesel injectors are no different. Our Taylor Diesel Peace of Mind Warranty stands behind every stock diesel fuel injector with a two-year warranty at a very competitive price and every high-performance diesel injector with a 90-day warranty as well.

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