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A turbocharger is one of the most important accessories for your vehicle. It is a compressor that is installed on the exhaust side of the vehicle. Its purpose is to enhance the engine horsepower. As the engine’s rpm increases, the turbocharger drives air into the engine, thereby increasing the power. A turbocharger can increase the…

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P0299 Error Code Definition The P0299 error code reveals that your vehicle’s supercharger or turbocharger is not working correctly. The most common diagnosis reveals an underboost problem. The error commonly appears when the ECU detects low turbocharger or supercharger low boost pressure. This parameter is continuously monitored by ECU, which uses the boost pressure sensor…

Service engine light

Turbochargers fail and it isn’t always easy to figure out why.  Is your diesel engine losing oil on the dipstick, showing a loss of power, smoking or is noisier than usual?  These all can be symptoms of a  turbo problem. Let’s take a look at some of the most common problems we’ve found with turbochargers….


Back in 1998, Dodge replaced their 12-valve Cummins diesel engine with the 24-valve version. The new engine was more powerful and had common rail injection. Over the years since its release, the engine has been refined, and today it’s one of the best Dodge models. These are tough engines that keep on going, but they’re…

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