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Diesel fuel injectors require replacement after every 100,000 miles. However, issues such as clogs, dirt, leaks, and even corrosion can force you to visit a repair shop before completing the 100,000 miles. Besides, fuel systems can become faulty due to prolonged periods of sitting with fuel inside the tank.  Not every repair shop in town can guarantee you quality repairs. Some will sweet talk you to sign a contract then do a shoddy job. Please don’t fall for them. When shopping for a fuel injection repair shop, consider the following things.

Good reputation

This is a no brainer. When it comes to diesel fuel injection repair and maintenance, reputation comes first. Entrust your diesel fuel engine to a little-known repair shop, and you could well be on your way to replacing it a few months down the road. Find out what other customers are saying about your chosen shop. A good repair shop should have verifiable customers and positive reviews online. If they don’t feature on Yelp or Google Business, they’re probably a bad choice for your diesel engine.


As well as having experts in fuel injector repairs, your preferred shop should also have competent personnel to work on the entire fuel system. A problem can arise from either the tank, pump, lines, filter, rail, injector or pressure regulator. In some cases, problems with automotive parts can result in reduced vehicle performance. A repair shop with enough experts in all types of repairs will ensure that you get the best quality of service within the shortest time possible. Experts can also advise on whether you require a simple manual cleaning of the system, refurbishing, or complete replacement of the system.

Manual cleaners

Most dealers manufacture simple do-it-yourself fuel injector cleaners, but you may need the services of a professional to help with manual injector cleaning. These manual cleaning jobs are labor-intensive but will save you a lot of trouble and money. 

Adequate spare parts

Any repair work will, at some point, involve replacing a part or two. While diesel injection pumps can be fixed without replacing a part, it is important to visit a shop with enough spare parts in case you need a replacement. You don’t want to tow your vehicle to a repair shop; only be told they have run out of diesel fuel injector spares. Though some parts are hard to find, choosing a diesel fuel injection repair shop that stocks spare parts can save you a lot of time and money.

Competitive repair costs

Whether you are doing a simple cleaning, refurbishing your fuel system, or replacing it altogether, you need to visit a repair shop with a transparent pricing strategy. Hidden costs mean you’re going to pay a lot more for simple and straightforward repairs, and that’s going to compound the cost of repairs. For instance, most technicians do not charge for working on an old system that has failed to work. When paying for labor, compare your quote against the current market rates. At the same time, avoid cheap or free repairs unless you understand what is below the fine print. 


Choose diesel fuel injection repair shops that have been in existence for several years as they are likely to have experienced technicians who understand all major injector problems and how to fix them. Such technicians understand that leaks can be caused by dirt in the injector system or faults in another area, and hence offer the right solution within the shortest time possible. In addition, fitting injectors is not easy and requires years of experience. So you want to make sure you engage the right people with the experience required to do a swift and satisfactory job.


Any repair shop that’s worth its salt has competent personnel who offer reliable services.  Also, their technicians follow the best practices in diagnosing your fuel system and furnish customers with detailed reports. Whenever they perform a check, they will give you a full report of how the performance was before diagnosis, what they found, what they did, and how the performance was after diagnosis and repair. Moreover, they work quickly without interfering with any other system or part when repairing a faulty or bad pump injector. If any repair shop doesn’t seem to have established diagnostic procedures or technicians who don’t seem to know their job, you shouldn’t work with them.

Proper diagnostic equipment

Many technicians use reliable scanning tools to diagnose issues with fuel pump injectors.  Because they use the right equipment, they’re able to carry out a thorough examination of the system before they can repair and restore the injector system. If the repair shop uses manual checks or outdated methods, you’re going to wait for hours if not a whole day to get a report of what ails your fuel injection.

Finding the right shop for injector pump repairs can save you time and money.  You won’t have to wait for hours to know what ails your diesel fuel injector or have it fixed. Regular servicing, testing, and maintenance will give your pump system the desired performance while keeping the costs to a minimum. However, these systems have a life span and will need to be replaced or repaired at some point. Should you find yourself choosing a diesel fuel injection repair shop, always go for the one that offers good quality. 

Why Choose Taylor Diesel Group?

For over 70 years since 1945, Taylor Diesel Group has been an industry leader in this market saving customers time and money by rebuilding their diesel fuel injection pumps, injectors, and turbochargers. Now in their fourth generation of family ownership, the Taylor Diesel Group has grown to eight locations, across four states, and still offer the same quality service and repair that they set the standard for many years ago. We have expanded in many of the locations with a drive-in service center specializing on diesel pickup trucks, tractors, generators, and now diesel passenger car vehicles offering a one-stop shopping experience for all diesel customers. If it’s a diesel, we can fix it! And as we continuously look to the future, we strive to be innovators in the diesel aftermarket repair industry and look forward to being a great service to all of our new and loyal customers who have built a trust in us over the many years of business!


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