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A diesel turbocharger will boost the power and efficiency of your truck’s engine by as much as 35%.  Like all diesel engine parts, they are wearable and will break down over time.  Many professionals will recommend you replace your diesel turbocharger between 100,000 and 150,000 miles.  Ongoing maintenance will make the turbocharger last longer.  If you notice that you are having problems that could be related to your turbocharger, it is recommended that you have a professional such as Taylor Diesel look at it right away.

Is Your Current Diesel Turbocharger Having Problems?

Many times, your check engine light will come on signaling that you are having problems.  Taylor Diesel can hook it up to a machine that will do a diagnostic scan tell you what the error codes mean.  If you notice your vehicle whining, having excessive exhaust smoke, or losing large amounts of oil, you should get your vehicle checked out immediately.

Symptoms include:

  • Too Much Exhaust Smoke
  • Loss of Power
  • Increased Oil Consumption
  • Loud Siren Noise

What Does A Diesel Turbocharger Cost?

The price of a turbocharger can vary drastically depending on your diesel engine year and model.  You can shop all of the turbochargers that Taylor Diesel offers online here. Since the labor estimate times vary drastically, we recommend calling or visiting your local Taylor Diesel shop to get the most accurate quote for your diesel truck. Since everyone’s vehicle is different, we recommend having a trusted mechanic give you an exact estimate for your repair.

All diesel units, no matter how well maintained, will at some point in time fail to work properly. Whether it be normal wear and tear, fuel contamination, or lack of maintenance diesel units are full of mechanical and electrical components that are not meant to last forever. When this happens you need to find a trusted service and repair facility that will give you quality, honesty, and timely repair and all at a fair price. This is where the group of Taylor Diesel excels and stands out from the rest. We look to build long lasting relationships with our customers buy giving each individual quality service and repair right the first time. Building trust through honest communication on every job.

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