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Back in the day, pickups were only used for towing and hauling cargo. Any truck that could do that without any problems was the king. Today, the story is different. The modern buyer looks for so much more in a truck than just hauling and towing. Comfort, technology, and fuel efficiency are on the top of buyers’ lists of features today. That’s where the Ram Dodge 1500 eco-diesel comes in.

The Ram Dodge 1500 Eco-diesel offers incredible towing and hauling capacity, yet it is super comfortable and very fuel-efficient. The 3-liter V6 engine delivers enough power for day-to-day towing and hauling without breaking your pockets for fuel.

The redesign

The Ram truck received a redesign in 2019. All the half-ton trucks got a makeover that has increased their popularity by a considerable margin. The new design features a better engine, new trims, plus new parts. Almost eighty percent of the car’s components are new. Top on the list of new things is the 3.0 third-generation turbo-diesel made by Vim Motori, an FCA subsidiary. The turbo is new as well pistons featuring improved bowl geometry. They have also reduced the piston slap by incorporating a 0.3mm-offset wrist pin. According to RAM, the design update translates to 480 pound-feet of torque with 260 horsepower. Its new towing power is 12,560 pounds.

A little tap on the throttle charges up the horses and pushes the 1500 Eco-diesel off the line. It has an eight-year transmission that does a beautiful job of transforming the torque to ridiculous power at the wheels. You can’t help grinning as the truck moves off the line. The RAM Dodge 1500 Eco-diesel is a relatively large truck. Add the off-road trim on the Rebel, and you have extra weight to lug around. Thank goodness the 3-liter V6 engine produces enough power to give you a little thrill as you accelerate. The ride is also super comfortable.

Thanks to the air suspension. The ride is super cool. It feels more like a luxury ride and not what you expect from a half-ton truck. Even the Rebel with off-road tires still feels comfortable on the road. There is a lot of sound deadening. You won’t hear the growl of the engine unless you are going slow. The quietness can almost make you forget you are in a truck. The engine is 50 pounds lighter than the previous models. It owes this weight reduction to the light materials being used to construct the engine. The crack shaft plus connection rods, however, retain their long-lasting forged steel build.

One of the things that have been greatly improved with the redesigned engine is the towing capacity. The Ram Dodge 1500 Eco-diesel can comfortably haul or tow 12,560 pounds without breaking a sweat. None of the competitors reach up to this standard set by 1500 Eco-diesel. It does it all without adding more fuel costs or a bigger engine. It’s clear now why the 1500 eco-diesel is popular even on the base model – Statesman.

On and Off-roading on the 1500 Eco-diesel

On or off the road, you won’t feel the difference between the 1500 Eco-diesel and other variants. That tells you how great the Eco-diesel is. One of the things you instantly notice when you turn the truck on is how quiet the idling is. The characteristic piston slap of diesel engines is gone thanks to 0.3mm piston offset from the centerline. If you love the diesel engine sound, all you have to do is rev the engine up a little bit, and you will be entirely at home.

With eight gears to play with, the truck offers a seamless shift thanks to the ZF-extracted transmission that’s been optimized for high torque as well as low shift points. The transmission is so stable that it doesn’t fumble with sudden braking or acceleration. It always finds the right gear despite having so many of them. Unlike other ram trucks with a steering column shifter, the 1500 Eco-diesel is equipped with a rotary knob shifter. A rotating knob shift eases space on the steering column and allows for more storage or room for accessories. 

One of the things that make the Dodge 1500 Eco-diesel stand out is its agility. It is pretty light on its feet. It doesn’t matter whether you are cruising on the highway or hauling a boat behind you when you step on the accelerator, it accelerates smoothly. You won’t find a problem keeping up or overtaking traffic on the highway. And, if you need to stop, the brakes work like a charm.

The Rebel has been decked out with everything you need to go off-road. The Ram Dodge 1500 Eco-diesel will stop midway a 45-degree slope, and the moment you press the accelerator, it just gets off and goes without a hitch. The four-wheel drive and rear diff lock will get you out of the toughest places super-fast.

Versatile Tailgate

When other trucks are complicating their tailgates, the 2020 1500 Eco-drive is simplifying them. It offers only two tailgate configurations, the typical tailgate or a split one. The two arrangements are operated with only two buttons. It shouldn’t take too long to master how your tailgate works. You can open it going down like other regular trucks or side-ways. One of the cool things with the 1500 Eco-drive tailgate is that you can still use it even if you hitch a trailer.


Whether you are looking for luxury for your day-to-day movement, a workhorse for your farm, or shop, or if you love off-roading, the Ram Dodge 1500 Eco-diesel is an excellent mid-sized truck that can serve many purposes. The Tradesman comes with everything you need for business while the Rebel and Longhorn are decked out with all the luxurious tit-bits.

The eco-diesel 3liter V6 engine delivers incredible power and efficiency that it hands down beats the competition. With a towing capacity of 12,560, you never have to worry about what you are towing or hauling. The 8-gear transmission smoothly converts your 1500 Eco-diesel truck into a nimble vehicle eager to get off the line. It does a great job with higher torque and lower shift points. This is one truck to watch out if you are looking for a new truck.

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