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P0204 Error Code Definition

The P0204 error code defines a malfunction of the cylinder four-injector circuit. Common in all OBD-II vehicles (meaning all vehicles since 1996), it can be easily mistaken for any error in the P0200-P0208 range. Even though the diagnosis process is similar, repairing this code is very different from repairing others in the same range.

P0204 Error Symptoms

The P0204 symptoms are similar to various other errors. However, the most noticeable symptoms are:

  • Excessive fuel consumption
  • Dying engine
  • Engine not starting
  • Engine misfires
  • Poor engine performance
  • Acceleration issues

P0204 Error Causes

The most concerning cause of a P0204 error is a failing four-cylinder injector. But other reasons could be resolved with a quicker and cheaper repair:

  • Poor electrical wiring
  • Shorted wiring harness
  • Faulty ECM (Engine Control Module)

P0204 Error Consequences

The P0204 is commonly treated as a moderate concern by both vehicle owners and untrained mechanics. However, it can cause nuisances such as a lit “check engine” light or your engine dying in the middle of the road. Sometimes there is no immediate solution.

P0204 Diagnosis Process

Remember that this error code does not show up for you to see. It can only be detected with the use of an advanced scanner. Further, manual checks are needed to ensure it is the right diagnosis and not something different:

  • ECU memory analysis – This indicates the exact time and conditions when the error occurred. The analysis can replicate the issues after the ECU memory is cleared to determine whether it is a recurring, active issue, or just a memory code issue.
  • Visual inspection – The fuel injector and the injector circuit must be inspected.
  • Electrical testing – Proper voltage is analyzed to assess if the four-cylinder injector is receiving enough power.
  • If all the tests are clear, a manufacturer specific PCM (Power Train Control Module) test is needed.

Repairing P0204 Error Code

Depending on the cause, the repair could involve a wire harness repair, a connection issues repair, or the full replacement of the PCM or the cylinder 4 fuel injector.

Recommendations to Avoid P0204 Error Code

We want to remind you that the P0204 error code, as well as the entire P0200-P0208 range of errors, usually occurs in cars with high mileage. They are combined most often with faulty maintenance. It is common for diesel and dirt contaminants to affect fuel components.

Most fuel injectors become clogged. Using them when they are clogged can lead to major mechanical problems. Some solutions can be implemented to prevent this issue from occurring. But most importantly, they can be prevented from repeating, even with newly changed fuel injectors.

It is vital to utilize professional engine cleaning services, to keep a maintenance log of your car, to use a fuel system cleaner. Establish a durable relationship with a professional company that tracks your car’s performance. Maintenance is vital in enjoying and making use of your vehicle for as long as you can.

Taylor Diesel can help diagnose and repair issues caused by this error code. For more information, contact us!

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