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The Ford EGR Cooler Kit is applied in a variety of diesel engines spanning from medium and light diesel engines to heavy-duty diesel engines (vans, trucks and buses) to low-speed two-stroke marine engines. Specific area of application requirements and rate of EGR determine the right EGR system configuration. A typical EGR cooler kit comprises of at least one EGR cooler, control valves, flanges, piping and gaskets.

Specialized EGR Cooler Kits feature pump and mixer devices. EGR Cooler Kits not only reduce nitrogen oxide, but also increases the engine’s efficiency. Reduction in temperatures within the engine cylinders improves the lifespan of exhaust valves and the engine itself. There’s also the likely throttling loss decease on engines with spark ignition.

In case you are wondering where to buy an EGR Cooler Kit for Ford Powerstroke engine, you are in the right place, because here at Taylor Diesel Group we can offer you the best Exhaust Gas Re-circulation Cooler Intake Gasket Kit.

Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR) Cooler Kit$686.15
Includes AP63447 Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR) Cooler Intake Gasket Kit.

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We serve a wide variety of customers, especially Ford Powerstroke truck owners, garages/diesel repair shops and auto parts stores.

What makes this Product unique

The Ford Powerstroke EGR Cooler Kit that we offer is made by Aliant Power, a popular brand famous for its high quality coolers. We believe that Aliant Power makes the finest aftermarket Ford EGR Cooler Kit on the market. Although there are definitely cheaper parts on the market, none compares to the Aliant Power product in terms of its high dependability and quality.

Moreover, all o-rings and gaskets that are needed for installation are included.

What is solved by getting a Ford EGR Cooler Kit?

This product is exactly what you need when your Ford EGR cooler kit malfunctions. If your EGR kit for cooling is clogged up, or not working properly, your engine will eventually go into limp mode. In this state, your engine runs at a limited power level and will only run 20 to 25 miles per hour. Despite the drastically reduced speed, you can drive your vehicle to a safe location. However, the power is certainly not enough to drive at your usual speed.

You can feel safe coming to us in case you encounter any kind of problem with your Ford Powerstroke EGR Cooler.

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We have been working with the best EGR Cooler Kits since we first started this business. We are a reliable and serious company on which you can rely 100%.

Where to buy Oil Cooler and EGR Cooler Kit for Ford Powerstroke Engine

If you’re looking to buy an EGR Cooler Kit for Ford Powerstroke, visit the Taylor Diesel website for online purchases. We also offer an EGR Cooler Kit that includes an oil cooler, which you can find here.

Buy your Ford Powerstroke Exhaust Gas Re-Circulation Cooler Kit today on the official Taylor Diesel website, or call us at (888) 888-4717 in case you have any additional question.

An EGR Cooler Kit is used on a diesel engine’s internal combustion for reducing emissions of nitrogen oxide. Some exhaust gases produced by engines are re-circulated by EGR back into the cylinders of the engine. As a result, oxygen in the in-flowing air is diluted, leaving incombustible inert gases to play the role of heat absorption.

This prevents engine cylinders from overheating due to excess heat. Moreover, since nitrogen oxide is produced in engine cylinders when pressure and temperature hit peak levels, their production is reduced with reduced heat levels. The cooled gas increases in density and reduces in volume. Prior to being re-circulated, the exhaust gas is passed through the engine coolant to reduce temperatures.

Oil coolers have the mission of reducing high temperatures of fuel and oil in an economic and efficient way. On turbo diesel engines, it is particularly important to control the inlet air charge temperature, because it influences exhaust gas temperature directly.

The transmission cooler features weave of tubes with surrounding turbulators. Whereas the outside fins support heat absorption, the tubes promote fluid transfer. Although this cooling design is the least efficient (not suitable for overdrive transmission), it’s ideal for older cars and come with cost-effective benefits.

The materials used to make the heat exchanger are aimed at minimizing, if not preventing possible malfunctions. The outer case is built for uniform dimension consistency within environment with different thermal conditions. The stainless alloy used is also stable dimensionally for consistent results. Moreover, the EGR cooler kit is built for cooling efficiency of up to 80%.

With reduced emissions into the environment, the cooler kit satisfies emissions standards.

When the EGR Cooler has any kind of problem, it may result on issues on the EGR system’s functionality, leading to overall performance issues in your vehicle.

The most common symptoms that can alert you of an issue on your EGR Cooler are:

  • Engine Overheating: This is one of the first and most noticeable symptoms of a problem with your EGR Cooler. If the flow of exhaust gases through the cooler is restricted, it will probably result in your engine overheating. As you may know, engine overheating can cause some serious damage to your car, so be careful with this.
  • Exhaust Leak: If the EGR cooler gaskets fail, it may result in an exhaust leak. You can be able to hear this as a tapping or hissing sound coming from the front part of your car. This issue can seriously reduce your engine’s performance.
  • Check Engine Light comes on: If your car’s computer is detecting a problem with your EGR system, it will turn on the Check Engine Light in order to alert you about a possible insufficient flow or exhaust, or any other possible issue.

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