This Ford F-250 Glow Plug Control Module is unique for a number of reasons. For starters, it’s made by Aliant Power, a brand popular for its high quality glow plug control modules. We believe that Aliant Power makes the finest aftermarket Glow Plug Control Module on the market. Although there are definitely cheaper parts on the market, none compares to the Aliant Power product in terms of its high dependability and quality.

This Ford Glow Plug Control Module comes in handy when our customers’ Glow Plug Control Module malfunctions. If your Glow Plug Control Module stops working, your truck will be hard to start during cold weather such as winter and/or on cold mornings. In some cases, your truck may not be able to start at all during cold weather or the cold season.

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Glow Plug Control Module (GPCM)

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For Glow Plug Control Module for Ford Powerstroke Trucks, visit the Taylor Diesel website for online purchases (if you’re looking for where to buy Glow Plug Control Module for Ford Powerstroke engine. We also offer EGR Cooler Kit that includes an oil cooler; you’ll find them here. Get in touch with us to find out the cost to replace Ford Powerstroke Glow Plug Controller.

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The Ford Glowplug Control Modules are responsible for starting engines in cold weather when they crank. The heating devices support diesel engine starts. They comprise of glow plug relays, fast glow plugs and glow plug fuses. The relay is designed to turn electric power on to the head plugs until it’s sufficiently warm to start cranking engines in cold weather.

With the exception of glow plugs and their connecting bus bars, all the parts of the Ford Glowplug Control Modules are easily accessible. When the ignition key is turned to pre-glow, the relay turns electric power on. It also turns electric power off if the engine starts successfully, there’s an indication through the temperature sensor that the head plug is heating up or after every 60 seconds.

Cylinder head and lock masses absorb compression heat in diesel engines during cold weather, leading to failed ignition. This is attributed to the fact that there’s need for heat if ignition has to take place. Engines with pre-chambers use glow plug control modules in the chambers whereas engines with direct injectors feature glow plugs in the chambers for combustion.

Shaped in the form of a pencil, a glow plug comes with tip heating elements. Since the heating component is resistant to electrical signals, it emits light when electrically heated hence its name. The time it takes to start an engine is reduced significantly when fuel ignites even at low temperature (insufficient heat). This occurs because the tip of the heating element creates contact with the pattern of spraying fuel during fuel injection using injectors

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