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The Ford Oil Cooler and EGR Cooler Kit is designed to maximize your engine’s efficiency and performance by preventing overheating.

Oil Cooler/ Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR) Cooler Kit$1,069.25
Includes AP63451 Engine Oil Cooler Kit and AP63446 Exhaust Gas Re Circulation (EGR) Cooler Kit.

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We serve all sorts of diesel engine customers.  If you’re on this page though, you’re probably experiencing a problem with an oil cooler or EGR Cooler Kit on a Ford Powerstroke truck.

We can help with your Ford Oil Cooler and EGR Cooler Kit.

You can count on Taylor Diesel whenever you find any problem with your Ford Oil Cooler and ERG Cooler Kit.

There is a number of things that can go wrong with your oil cooler or ERG cooler kit. For example, there’s a high pressure oil pump that sometimes gets clogged with bad oil. If the high pressure oil pump starts coming apart, it will send metal fragments through the EGR and possibly into the oil cooler. When this happens, there’s a need to replace the EGR and oil cooler.  A mechanic can examine your EGR Cooler and your oil cooler to identify whether you need to replace just the EGR Cooler Kit, or if you need to replace the oil cooler as well.

In case you need an EGR Cooloer Kit without the oil cooler, we also offer an Aliant Power EGR Cooler / Exhaust Gas Re-Circulation Cooler Kit. Aliant Power is a famous brand particularly popular for their high quality coolers.

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We are a family owned and operated business that has been operating with great success since 1945. All of this experience that we’ve had during all of these years is able to provide you with the certainty that we really know what we’re doing. At the moment we have 8 different stores across the United States in 4 different states.

In case you’re interested in purchasing a new Ford Oil Cooler and ERG Cooler Kit you are welcome to visit the Taylor Diesel website and find what we have to offer. Here’s the link for you to see. We also offer EGR Cooler Kit without the oil cooler; you can find them here.

Where to buy EGR Cooler Kit for Ford Powerstroke Engine?

You can buy a Ford Powerstroke Oil and EGR Cooler today on the official Taylor Diesel website.

In case you have any additional doubt or some question that you cannot find the answer of after reading through our website, please feel welcome to call us at (888) 888-4717 and one of our experts will be glad to assist you with any questions that you might have.

An EGR Cooler is a component used in diesel engine cars that has the purpose of lowering the temperature of the exhaust gases which are being recirculated by the EGR System before they enter the engine. This system has the mission of recirculating exhaust gases back into the engine, decreasing cylinder temperatures and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. The EGR Cooler is made out of metal and uses thin passages and fins for cooling exhaust gases.

You may find Ford EGR Cooler Kits in many different diesel engines: from medium and light diesel engines to heavy diesel engines, such as trucks or buses. The particular configuration of an EGR system depends on a series of variables, like the required EGR rate. Most EGR systems have the following hardware components on them:

  • One or more EGR coolers
  • One or more EGR control valves
  • Flanges, piping and gaskets

Mixer devices and pumps are the main components of EGR Cooler Kits with specialized functions. EGR Cooler Kits reduce nitrogen oxide, hence improving efficiency.

Oil coolers efficiently lower high fuel and oil temperatures economically. On this component, engine oil is used as coolant, removing heat from the engine.

The engine gives heat to the oil, that normally goes through a kind of heat exchanger, which is known as oil cooler. After that, this same oil that now is cooled flows back inside the hot object in order to keep cooling it in a continuous process.

There are a lot of advantages in using oil coolers, with the most notable being:

  • Since oil is an electric insulator, it can be perfectly used in contact with electrical components.
  • Since oil’s boiling point is higher than water, it may be used to cool items at a temperature higher than 100°C.
  • Cooling water is dangerous because it can corrode the engine, so the usage of oil helps preventing corrosion.
  • If coolant oil enters in the combustion chamber, it represents a minor problem with not very dramatic consequences. On the other hand, if coolant water enters the combustion chamber for any reason, it could cause some severe damage to the engine.
  • Oil is present as a lubricant already, so there are no extra pumps, tanks or radiators that are required, even though it is possible that all of those items need to be larger than in the case of no coolant oil is being used.

The Ford Oil Cooler and EGR Cooler Kit is founded on technologies with controlled atmospheres or brazing in vacuums, in addition to being made of aluminum. Copper or nickel-brazed stainless steel is also used to make oil coolers. Stainless steel is used for its durability, resistance to corrosion or rust (hence no need for coating) and high performance nature.

Furthermore, oil coolers are lightweight and come in compact designs, in addition to efficient and economic prevention of overheating. Air coolers are also designed for high performance.

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