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Chevy/GMC Duramax Fuel Injectors

Looking for a Chevy or GMC fuel injectors could be a serious burden. There are quite a lot of options available on the market and finding a reliable supplier as well as someone to get the actual work done might be a bit challenging. If you’re looking for the best place to buy your Chevy fuel injector, you’ve stumbled upon the right place. We offer fuel injectors which are designated to optimize the overall fuel efficiency as well as reliability, emission performance, smooth operation, power output, cost of the vehicle’s maintenance and engine tuning.

If you are having issues finding the best fuel injector or an injector kit, we at Taylor Diesel offer a range of High Performance Injectors of Surefire which are going to deliver a serious 60 HP boost or even more than this. They are set to fit different makes and models of Chevy and GMC trucks. All of the injector parts are OEM-tested and they have managed to pass the high-standards test benches with splendid results. The components are also calibrated and tested as per the highest industry standards using original equipment for the testing.

Surefire Chevy / GMC Duramax Fuel Injectors

If you are currently looking to change your failed or failing stock injector with a brand new one which is going to provide your truck with a substantial boost in its performance, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Our Fuel Injectors are undoubtedly amongst the best replacement options on the market for a variety of different reasons.

Some of the main features of our high performance fuel injectors are:

  • They come with an extensive 90-day Taylor Diesel Warranty
  • They are manufactured using high-end, industry leading performance tips. There are no low cost and unreliable hone tips which are known for causing the metal to flow in excess, crack or flake
  • They are going to provide your vehicle with a boost of at least 60 additional rear wheel HP
  • They are going to outperform the majority of the competitors without any further and additional upgrades

Why Should You Trust Our Products and Services?

We are a company which has managed to stay in business ever since 1945. We are known for making some of the most reliable aftermarket Chevy fuel injectors out there as well as GMC fuel injectors. We are a company which stands behind its product line and we’ve managed to get proper O.E. Certification training on the rail injectors. All of our GMC and Chevy fuel injectors will come backed up with a warranty of two years as well as a comprehensive warranty on the injectors which are with performance of very high output of 1 year.

What is more, we are not a mere online store. We have a total of 8 locations which are spread over 4 different states. In other words, if you come across issue of any kind, you can easily get it handled at any one of our physical locations.

For Chevy fuel injectors and GMC fuel injectors, you can visit the official website of Taylor Diesel. This is basically where to buy the best injectors online. You can also take a look at other stock injectors out there as we have plenty more.

How to Know When to Replace your Fuel Injector?

You need to understand that if there is something wrong with your fuel injector, your truck’s engine is just not going to work as it is designated to. A bad injector is either going to prevent the fuel form being conveniently sprayed into the engine. It can also mess up the overall intervals at which the fuel is intended to be sprayed, resulting in quite a few complications.

However, there are a few different telltale signs that you can be looking forward to in order to determine whether or not your Chevy or GMC truck needs an actual replacement. Let’s have a look.

1. The Engine is Vibrating

  • If the cylinder doesn’t manage to get the necessary amount of fuel, the engine is going to start vibrating once it tries to finish the cycle without any fuel available. If you notice this, you should immediately consider talking to a specialist.

2. The Engine Misfires

  • If your engine is not getting enough fuel, the engine is likely to misfire when you try to start it up. However, if you manage to get it started, you are likely to have very hard time trying to take off or there will likely be a pause as you step on the gas pedal.

3. Fuel Odor

  • If your injector is not closed entirely, the fuel is not going to be able to get burnt. This means that there is likely to be fuel odor within the vehicle itself.

4. Fuel is Leaking

  • If you have a bad injector or one which is entirely broken or even cracked from any kind of damage, the gas is likely to start leaking out of it – this is something that you should keep a very close eye on as it is a rather hazardous occurrence and it could cause complications.

As you can see, there are a few different things that you might be looking for if you doubt that your injector is going bad. In any case, if there is any type of suspicion, you should make sure to go ahead and pay us a visit. We will determine whether or not there is a need for replacement and we will offer some of the best Chevy and GMC fuel injectors on the market.

You can buy high-quality Surefire fuel injectors right away on the official website of Taylor Diesel Group. Alternatively, you can call (888) 888-4717 if you are having any doubts about whether or not this is the right choice. We will gladly provide you with the necessary information and will assist you further.

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