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Do You Need A Ford Powerstroke Diesel Turbocharger?

This product comes in handy when your turbochargers are damaged or broken. When turbochargers are damaged, diesel engines emit excess black smoke through the exhaust system. When this happens, the performance of the vehicle deteriorates, with noticeable horsepower loss.

A properly functioning turbocharger produces a soft whistling sound. However, when the turbocharger is damaged, the vehicle owner or driver is bound to notice that it’s not producing the whistling sound as nothing is heard. This means the turbocharger isn’t working properly as it should.

With continued use, engines with a broken or damaged Ford Powerstroke Diesel Turbocharger can become damaged even further. In worst case scenarios, the turbo internally breaks apart. The broken metal parts of the turbo pass through the exhaust system, causing further damage to the engine.

07-10 FORD 6.4L TURBOCHARGER$1,950.00
Rebuilt Stock Turbocharger to fit 2007-2010 Ford 6.4l diesel pickup
98-99.5 FORD 7.3L POWERSTROKE TURBO$895.00

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We serve a wide variety of customers, from diesel truck owners to anybody who works on diesel engines or diesel trucks. Our customers’ ages range from 25 to 65 years old. Farmers, shade tree mechanics and auto parts stores also make use of our Ford F-250 / F-350 / F-450 / F-550 Powerstroke Turbo.

Our Products

Our products make for a good investment because they perform to factory specifications. So, they are guaranteed for a great durability and longer lifetime. This means that you will save money on the long-term and appreciate the fact of going for our service instead of a cheaper one that won’t last as long.

We also offer a 1-year unlimited mileage and unlimited hour warranty on all our Garret 5.9L Diesel Turbocharger products. However, since it’s OEM-qualified, it means each part of our turbocharger is covered by a warranty. With the warranties, our customers are protected from manufacturing faults.

Our product is unique because we’re a master distributor for all the three major turbocharger manufacturers – Garrett, Borg Warner and Holset. This means we’re your one-stop-shop for all your turbocharger solutions.

Why Trust Taylor Diesel?

We work with the people who make the best stock turbo for Ford F-Series Powerstroke Pickup Truck in the industry. We’ve been to O.E. Certified training on turbochargers, and provide a 1-year warranty with no limit on mileage and hours. We have 8 locations in 4 states across the U.S, so in case you have any problem you are welcome to visit one of our stores.  Taylor Diesel has been in business since 1945 and we’re family owned and operated.

For OEM Turbo for Ford Powerstroke 7.3L Diesel, visit the Taylor Diesel website for online purchases. We also offer injector products; you’ll find them here.

Buy Ford Powerstroke Diesel Turbochargers today on the official Taylor Diesel website.

After their first use on automobiles during the 60’s, turbochargers have become an essential part of any diesel engine vehicles, to the point on which there are no current diesel engine automobiles without a turbocharger on the market today. A turbocharger increases the internal combustion’s efficiency by pumping some extra air into the engine, increasing also its power output. Their addition to diesel engines has been very important because before their existence, the power output of any gasoline fuel engine was far superior to the power output that could be achieved on any diesel engine vehicle.

Due to the enormous amount of horsepower produced by a turbocharger and the intense heat on which it operates on, it seems easy to conclude that this piece of the automobile requires some extra attention and maintenance in order to ensure its durability.

One of the most important maintenance tasks is the replacement of your air filter. Over the last decade, most of the issues with turbochargers arise from the ingestion of small particles that get there because of a failed air filter. Removing and replacing an air filter is a rather simple task, but don’t hesitate on going to a mechanic if you feel like you’re not prepared for the task.

Another important maintenance task is to replace the oil filter. Both the engine oil quality and the good functioning of your oil filter are essential for the turbocharge to function correctly.  While changing the oil filter, in case you’d like to do it yourself, always be careful to keep any potential debris from entering the engine by mistake.

Ford Powerstroke diesel turbochargers are designed to enhance fuel combustion efficiency and power of the Powerstroke diesel engine. Shafts are used to connect turbines and compressors to each other. Air is forced into the diesel engine’s chamber for fuel to burn efficiently. As a result, there’s reduction in emissions that go through the exhaust systems into the environment.

Exhaust fumes are converted into mechanical energy by the turbines. The energy is used to power the compressor. The wheel and housing of the turbine are the main components of turbines. There’s a reduction in temperature and pressure drop in the area sandwiched between the inlet and outlet. This is attributed to the presence of confined gas. Kinetic energy is then generated by turbines using the reduced pressure to power the wheel.

The main types of turbine are axial and radial flow variances. Although axial-flow turbines ensure that there’s axial fluid flow, radial-flow are designed to promote centripetal gas flow.

Unlike naturally-aspirated engines with similar power outputs, our turbochargers consume less fuel. This is attributed to the fact that exhaust energy that would have been wasted is recycled for engine efficiency. Due to less friction and heat produced, engines consume less fuel, leading to significant economic savings. There’s decreased thermal losses due to the turbo engine’s reduced volumetric displacement.

Reduced air emissions make our products green and environment-friendly. Turbochargers require less space for installation with improved torque attributes. They can maintain full power outputs under an engine’s rated speed. This means climbing a hill doesn’t result in reduced speeds and takes fewer changes of gear.

Ford Powerstroke Diesel Turbochargers are designed for high-altitude performance with low power loss and improved performance due to the difference in pressure between the lower outlet pressure ambient and the turbine’s constant upstream pressure. Equalization of the lower density of air at the compressor inlet occurs which is the reason for no loss of power.

Due to their high performance, the 6.6L turbochargers render engines more responsive for safe rides. What’s more, our turbochargers are less noisy. All in all, our Borg Warner turbocharger delivers fun experiences through exceptional driving experiences resulting from the product’s high performance.

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