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The Ford Powerstroke Remanufactured Fuel Injection Control Module that we offer is made by Aliant Power, the most reliable company when it comes to manufacturing this kind of diesel part. Aliant Power has been a longtime partner of Taylor Group and we are very proud to distribute and install some of the products that they make. Even though there are cheaper Fuel Injection Control Modules available on the market, we can guarantee that none of them gets even close to the quality that you get on an Aliant Power FICM; we can safely say that it will save you money on the long-term, since its quality and durability is top-notch.

Aliant Power’s fuel injection control modules come pre-flashed (pre-programmed) for your year-model. If you buy this part from Ford or other aftermarket manufacturers, you’ll need to take the part to someone that has the software and equipment to program it prior to installation, but that’s not necessary with this FICM manufactured by Aliant Power.

Re-manufactured Fuel Injection Control Module 2005-2007$368.77
You can find your Re-Manufactured Fuel Injection Control Module here!
Re-manufactured Fuel Injection Control Module 2003-2004$368.77
Re-Manufactured Fuel Injection Control Module
Re-manufactured Fuel Injection Control Module 2003$368.77
Re-Manufactured Fuel Injection Control Module

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If you’re wondering about where to buy fuel injection control module for Ford Powerstroke engine, look no further. Here at Taylor Diesel we offer Fuel Injection Control Modules that fit all 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 models. Here’s the link for you to see the different options we can offer you.

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This product is needed in case one of our customer’s Fuel Injection Control Module malfunctions on their Ford Powerstroke. We can offer them repair services or a full replacement of their Fuel Injection Control Module, depending on the problem they have encountered.  If your Fuel Injection Control Module is broken, then your fuel injectors won’t work, so your engine is unable to get the fuel that it needs to run.  This may cause your truck to break down, preventing it from starting or running.

This is where Taylor Diesel comes in to offer relevant parts and services to ensure that your malfunctioned fuel injection is replaced, getting your engine and car working properly again.

The Ford Powerstroke Fuel Injection Control Module comes in a compact design to fit small-sized diesel engines by allowing confined installations in small spaces. The scalability of the design means that it can accommodate a range of 4 to 6 engine cylinders. This Fuel Injection Control Module times the fuel injection and atomizes fuel combustion, ensuring each engine cylinder receives only the right amount of fuel. As a result, several fuel injections can occur at any given time within pre-defined limits. This leads to better flexibility, improved power, reduced consumption of fuel and controlled emissions.

A Fuel Injection Control Module is a device that sends an electrical impulse to the injector in order to deliver the right amount of fuel to the engine cylinder at the exact required moment that it is needed. It can greatly boost an engine’s performance and fuel economy.

There are different kinds of Fuel Injection Control Modules: pre-programmed Fuel Injection Control Module, Half-Shell Fuel Injection Control Module, and Full Field-Programmable Fuel Injection Control Module.

The Ford Powerstroke Fuel Injection Control Modules are designed to monitor conditions within then engine by using many different sensors. The crank position sensor is responsible for the internal component rotation monitoring, while the mass airflow sensors determines the quality and the quantity of air that is getting into the diesel engines.

The oxygen sensors are responsible for measuring the diesel engine’s fuel burning efficiency while the throttle position sensor tracks what the driver’s right foot does. The information obtained by the sensors is then used as an input for the control unit (CU). The CU is responsible for precisely injecting fuel into the engine’s cylinders.

The injectors atomize the fuel instead of pushing it into the engine cylinders. Atomization ensures that an efficient and complete fuel combustion occurs, leading to a waste reduction.

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