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Finding the best brand of batteries on the market can be an uphill task with the myriad of choices available. It is best to purchase a battery that’s compatible with your truck, can start the engine in cold weather, and serve you for many years to come. If you’re looking for tried and tested batteries for diesel trucks, we’ve explored three excellent options below.

1. Optima Batteries RedTop – Best Pick

One of the best cells, the Optima RedTop, is a reliable AGM battery that can deliver an incredible burst of ignition power for a smooth start.

It’s suitable for high-performance applications, where more cranking power is needed. Since it’s virtually spill-proof and resistant to vibration, you don’t have to worry about battery water leaking when you go for a long, bumpy ride, either.

The RedTop is easy to mount, so you can set it up in any position. Its distinct SpiralCell Design supplies your engine with robust, clean power, ensuring the safety of passengers and a low impact on the environment.

Faster recharging ensures your battery never falters.  It’s maintenance-free, and you won’t incur any costs. On the flip side, it’s expensive and doesn’t last as long as other models.

2. Odyssey Automotive and LTV Battery – Value Pick

The second choice of value batteries for diesel trucks is the Odyssey Automotive and LTV Battery. It has twice the power and boasts triple the shelf life of traditional lead-acid batteries.

The Odyssey is suitable for various applications and performance demands, too. No matter the destination, this battery will supply you with enough power and endurance to get there and back.

You can mount this battery on any side and position, except inverted. Thanks to its impressive starting power, engine cranking pulses reach 2700 amps in just five seconds. It also uses AGM plate separators to protect the plates against high-impact shocks vibrations. 

Since it’s sealed and maintenance-free, you don’t have to keep it watered, either.

This battery charges quickly and delivers better recharge efficiency than any sealed lead battery on the market. The battery attains 100% charge within four to six hours. 

A 70 percent longer cycle life than the average, your Odyssey battery outlasts the conventional deep cycle battery by a long way. Take good care of it and will serve you for three to ten years.

The downside is that it may not work if you leave it to discharge for too long.

3. ACDelco AGM Battery

ACDelco completes our list of the best three batteries for diesel trucks. It’s suitable for heavy-duty trucks that require more bursts of starting power to crank up the engine.

The 12-volt battery has excellent cycling capabilities and long battery life. It is also well-protected against shorts and can deter any spillage during use or storage.   

Compared to other brands, the ACDelco battery is more receptive to charge and easier to set up. It uses high-density negative paste, which enhances performance and prolongs battery life. Its Calcium Lead grid optimizes conductivity and lowers resistance, too.

Since acid circulation is improved, your battery remains remarkably cool. Each battery that leaves the ACDelco plant is tested rigorously, field-proven, and backed by a warranty. Your investment is safe.

On the flip side, this battery is massive and may not fit comfortably into every diesel truck.

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