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07-12 Dodge Cummins 6.7L Turbocharger$1,395.00
This turbocharger is rebuilt by Taylor Diesel and fits 2007-2012 Dodge Cummins 6.7L application.

2011 Dodge 6.7L Cummins Diesel Turbochargers

Dodge is manufacturing some of the most dependable trucks on the road today. They are without a doubt, some of the fastest and sturdiest vehicles on the road. A Dodge never will let you down, whether you are driving your kids to the movies or running late for a last-minute appointment.

A Dodge turbocharger’s power will be partially attributed to the capability and stability of it. Your turbocharger boosts your vehicle’s power output. Not having one, getting from point A to point B in your Dodge would be a really boring drive with nothing to write home about.

You should really take the time to make sure that your Dodge turbocharger is working properly if you wish to have your truck running as efficiently as it can. It needs to be working correctly for your truck to run at it’s best. Changing out your turbocharger is necessary to restore it’s reliability and horsepower back and to protect against even further problems.

You must take the time to make sure that your Dodge turbocharger is working appropriately if you wish to have your automobile operating as efficiently as it can. It has to be functioning correctly for your automobile to run efficiently. In order to prevent more deterioration, you should really change your turbocharger to guarantee that it recuperates it’s dependability and efficiency back.

What Is The Role Of A Turbocharger?

A turbocharger helps burn gas or diesel at a faster speed which helps the cylinders to maximize the power coming from the motor. Getting the extra power from that same motor, is probably, the single most cost-efficient approach to achieve this, so in what way do turbochargers actually function?

A jet engine is a good example of how a turbocharger functions. A jet engine sucks in cool air at the lead end. Oxygen and fuel is then mixed together and burns inside a chamber. Heated gases from the engine’s exhaust will then be thrusted out of the tail end.

Because of this method, the motor’s burned up gases are pushed out of the truck’s turbocharger which is then made to run an air compressor that rotates a turbine. This enables the compressor to drive much more air into the cylinders, leading to more fuel being burned than it normally does.

There is increased horsepower generated from a motor vehicle that features a turbocharger. This increased horsepower is referred to as, more energy per second. The 3 components that comprise of the turbocharger are:

Turbine side

Compressor side


Situated on the turbine side, you will come across a turbine wheel and the turbine housing. The compressor wheel and the compressor housing form the compressor side. The turbine side and the compressor side are joined through the cartridge.

The turbocharger is attached to the intake manifold of the engine. Combusted fuel gases are discharged by the motor and are then forced directly through the turbine assembly. Those combusted gases will then rotate the turbine.

The turbine is being turned from the revolving of the compressor wheel creating the compression of the cool air that is then squeezed into the cylinders. This is done through the center hub rotating assembly fastened to the compressor. The blades are getting spun at a significant rate of speed due to the significantly greater amount of exhaust pressure that is being moved by the blades leading to the engine to produce more horsepower.

There is a process known as a “lag”, regarding the manner in which the engine’s turbocharger operates. You will not realize an initial boost the moment you first step on the accelerator, as a split second is needed for the turbine to provide the required power.

Tips About How to Find Out if You Have a Defective Dodge Turbocharger

There are numerous warning indications that will be apparent that your Dodge turbocharger is breaking down. These signs will be in view or you could possibly even listen to or feel them. It is recommended to replace your turbocharger if you think it has seen better days.

It would certainly be a very good approach if you don’t understand enough concerning car parts to seek the assistance of a skilled mechanic. They will take a look at to test if you have a malfunctioning turbocharger. Be on the watch for some of these basic indications:

Delayed acceleration – To improve the vehicle’s horsepower, you need to have a good functioning turbocharger. Indicators of decreased horsepower and sluggish acceleration are two of the issues you’ll detect the instant your turbocharger is struggling. So think about checking into the turbo setup first the instant you experience that that your automobile is not driving as quickly as it is used to.

Too much exhaust smoke – Motor oil might drip inside the exhaust whenever the inner seals become ruined. This may also begin when the turbocharger casing forms a fracture. The burning of this motor oil can result in a characteristic gray or dark-blue smoke. You don’t want to ignore the smoke created as this can be most evident at the same time the turbocharger is working as you rev your engine. Seeing this smoke is a sure sign of a turbocharger failure.

Burning engine oil– Whenever your truck burns unusually high quantities of oil, there’s a good likelihood that you are dealing with a malfunctioning turbocharger. You need to disconnect the down-pipe and view within the turbine to check if that is the trouble. An endoscope will certainly come in beneficial for that task. If you observe engine oil in the turbine, it’s evidence of progressive failure. You should resolve the trouble immediately or you are going to find yourself picking up a brand new turbocharger.

Check engine lights (CEL)– Anytime you notice a CEL show up, you need to find a reliable auto mechanic as soon as you possibly can. Now there are a large number of different issues concerning why it will show up, as straightforward as a loose gas cap and as severe as a failing turbocharger.

Excessive, whiny noise – The evidence of a turbo system failure could be spotted by a deafening whining noise each time the turbocharger remains in operation. Confusing this tone for a whistle is easy As the complication progresses, this will become intensified. If you find such a tone, along with several of the other signs discussed, there’s a very high chance that your turbocharger is declining.

Three Main Factors That Add To Turbocharger Malfunction

Here are some of the reasons that may result in your Dodge turbocharger being destroyed:

Damaged seals – As the turbocharger is pushing air into the cylinders, a portion of it might be lost if the seals are ruined or split. This situation causes the turbocharger to function extra hard to acquire that desired push. This may very well be, the primary explanation for turbocharger failure.

Carbon deposits – The main reason why your engine oil replacements are very important to get at the recommended service intervals, is simply because there will probably be an accumulation of carbon deposits. This could be pretty damaging to many different vehicle parts, in particular the turbocharger.

Wear and tear– Based on your driving habits, turbochargers can routinely continue as many as 150,000 miles. It will typically fail and you are going to be required to repair it around this time, due to the fact that it may be at the end of it’s service life.


You may need to change your Dodge turbocharger if it is not operating correctly. Right Here at Taylor Diesel Group, we provide a number of Dodge turbochargers. We associate only with premium big-name manufacturers.

Quality Dodge turbochargers for all makes and models are supplied here at pretty competitive rates. Our team of pros will reassure that you get the appropriate turbocharger for your truck. You will not have to worry about low-grade parts being used in our turbochargers. With that pointed out, top quality and consistency are ensured by putting our parts through strict testing.

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