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Surefire 60+ High Performance Fuel Injector Set for 2007 – 2012 Dodge Ram 6.7L diesel. Provides additional 120 horsepower. Set of 6$2,010.00
Diesel Truck:  Dodge Ram Engine Size:  6.7L Cummins Fits Years:  2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, ...
Surefire 30+ High Performance Fuel Injector Set for 2007 – 2012 Dodge Ram 6.7L diesel. Provides additional 60 horsepower. Set of 6$1,800.00
Diesel Truck:  Dodge Ram Engine Size:  6.7L Cummins Fits Years:  2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, ...
Surefire Stock Fuel Injector Set for 2007 – 2012 Dodge Ram 6.7L diesel, Set of 6$1,680.00
Diesel Truck:  Dodge Ram Engine Size:  6.7L Cummins Fits Years:  2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, ...
Surefire Stock Fuel Injector for 2007 – 2012 Dodge Ram 6.7L diesel$290.00
Diesel Truck:  Dodge Ram Engine Size:  6.7L Cummins Fits Years:  2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, ...

Are you having problems with your 2012 Dodge Ram Diesel injectors?

Tips on how to detect if your injectors are going bad?

First, does your truck have these problems? If that’s the case, you may have a fuel injector issue.

  • Light colored smoke emanating from the exhaust pipe. If there is one or more diesel fuel injectors that are stuck closed, your vehicle’s engine will not receive a sufficient amount of fuel. This fuel shortage will cause the vehicle’s diesel engine to starve for fuel and will bring about light colored smoke emanating from the exhaust.
  • Dark colored exhaust coming from the muffler. If you have any diesel injectors that are stuck open, then the vehicle’s diesel engine will receive an excessive amount fuel, causing severe black exhaust coming out of the exhaust.
  • Truck running poorly or not running at all. Bad fuel injectors can cause the truck to not run or can cause substantial damage to the engine.
    Damage to the engine may include damaged pistons, damaged cylinder walls, or could even result in the engine to completely fail.

What is the cause of injector failures in 2012 Dodge Ram Diesel Engines?

Sometimes injectors go bad, most commonly because of contaminated fuel . When this happens, your truck might experience a power shortage, lots of white colored or dark smoke coming from the exhaust, and in some cases the truck or car will not run in any way. Not repairing bad injectors can easily result in extensive diesel engine damage, so it’s necessary to fix bad fuel injectors as soon as you can.

The following are typical reasons for fuel injector failure:

  • Bad diesel or contaminants in diesel. When your fuel is not good or has contaminants in it, it can clog up your injectors and result in them not functioning properly. If bad fuel is run through the injectors the diesel injectors could get stuck open, get stuck closed, or the diesel fuel injector’s tip could shoot off. In the best case scenario, this might cause the vehicle’s diesel engine to run poorly. In the worst scenario, bad injectors can cause you truck’s engine to not run whatsoever or trigger tremendous damage to the truck’s engine.
  • Water in fuel. Fuel and water don’t work well together. If water gets in your vehicle’s diesel, it can result in the injector’s tip blowing off, which can result in considerable harm to the vehicle’s engine.

If you’re encountering troubles with 2012 Dodge Ram Diesel fuel injectors, Taylor Diesel is prepared to assist you to. Whether you’re seeking full-service drive-up mechanic service at one of our 8 convenient locations, or you just need a new set of diesel fuel injectors that you will replace for yourself, we have got what you need.

If a engine is showing the listed signs and symptoms, you then might have bad fuel injectors. Dependent upon your skill level, you may want to change the diesel fuel injectors for yourself or carry your truck to a diesel shop, like our own Taylor Diesel Full-Service diesel repair garages, for trained assistance.

Once the fuel injectors have been removed, you may want to ship the injectors to Taylor Diesel, and we are able to thoroughly test the injectors for you. If they’re not bad, we’ll box them up and ship the injectors back. If they’re not good, we will contact you to let you know and we’ll credit the cost of the injector testing to the purchase price of the new fuel injectors. Give us a phone call to learn more about this injector examination.

At Taylor Diesel, we serve a vast selection of buyers, varying from individual truck owners that seek new fuel injectors for their personal trucks right through diesel parts stores and diesel garages that want to obtain fuel injectors in wholesale to sell to their own buyers.

Do you need stock injectors or performance fuel injectors?

Whenever you are shopping for replacement diesel fuel injectors for your 2012 Dodge Ram Diesel you are going to need to decide concerning “{stock} diesel injectors” and “high performance” diesel fuel injectors. Overall the difference varies by what you are trying to accomplish.

Stock Diesel Injectors – Exactly as the title says, our stock injectors provide the identical overall performance as the ones that came in the engine when it was new off the showroom floor. They are made to Original equipment manufacturer’s standards and are also tested with the same OEM test benches just like the higher-priced, big brand name diesel fuel injectors. All of these stock injectors include a two year warranty.

If you happen to be looking to boost the general performance of your 2012 Dodge Ram Diesel diesel engine, you definitely want to have a look at changing to the Surefire High Performance fuel injectors. The high performance diesel fuel injectors come with a 1 year warranty and they are available in two styles:

  • 30+ Performance Injectors – The 30+ demonstrates the rate of additional fuel in which the diesel injector delivers to the engine – an additional 30%. This additional diesel results in at least 60 additional rear-wheel horsepower without the need for any other modifications.
  • 60+ High Performance Diesel Injectors – Our 60+ High Performance Injectors deliver 60% more fuel to your vehicle’s engine, leading to an extra 120 hp at the rear wheels. If you’re in search of a massive upgrade of horsepower without the need for other engine modifications, then Taylor Diesel’s Surefire 60+ High Performance Diesel Fuel Injectors are precisely what you are attempting to find.

An additional incentive to go with high performance fuel injectors is because they will INCREASE your truck’s diesel economy. It may seem strange that your truck will receive improved fuel mileage with injectors that inject 30% – 60% additional fuel to your diesel engine, our diesel experts have confirmed that giving the engine more fuel at the correct engine RPMs and proper timing actually will assist your engine to run better and efficiently. If your truck’s diesel engine runs efficiently, it will not have to run as hard, causing your fuel utilization to lessen. Taylor Diesel’s high performance fuel injectors are proven to boost diesel economy by as many as five percent, in addition to supplying a sizeable increase in overall performance!

When you put the Surefire High Performance Diesel fuel injectors on the highway, you will definitely notice every bit of performance! You’ll experience substantially more towing power and much more speed at takeoff.

Whether you should get Stock Diesel Injectors or High Performance Diesel Injectors just depends upon what you’re actually seeking to accomplish. Make a decision on whether you are looking for stock performance out of your engine or if you are needing a lift in performance and horsepower. As soon as you’ve settled that, you should recognize which diesel injectors to opt for.

You Can Count On Taylor Diesel

Taylor Diesel is a family company, and we have been in the fuel injection industry for many years. To be precise, we’ve been in the diesel injection industry ever since 1945.

We manufacture our line of diesel injectors in our Jackson, Tennessee shop, by using only the highest quality parts. The Surefire Injectors which we produce are the exact same high quality that you’d require from the higher-priced big brand name manufacturers … we’re certain as we build their injectors also! Our Surefire injectors are extensively tested by the very same techs, on the very same test benches, which are utilized for pricier big-brand injectors. The finished result is that Taylor Diesel’s Surefire fuel injectors offer superior general performance and longevity, with a great peace of mind warranty, at a competitive price point.

We want you to decide to purchasewith peace of mind whenever you are doing business with Taylor Diesel. All of our items are top-notch, and we ensure it with top-notch peace of mind warranties too. All Taylor Diesel’s Surefire Stock Diesel Fuel Injectors come with a 2 year, unlimited mileage Peace of Mind Warranty and all of our High Performance Diesel Fuel Injectors include a 1 Year, unlimited mileage Peace of Mind Warranty. Our aim is to earnyour trust forever, thereforewe back up our injectors with warranties which stand up to any in the diesel injection industry.

Want Additional Information?

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